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About Me

My Background


I grew up in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia and went to my local high school. After graduation, I went to college for a few years before dropping out to start my family and work full time doing commercial property maintenance. During these years I've discovered my love for craft beer and the passion to meet people in the industry. Trying and sharing all my experiences whether family outings, brewery visits, sporting events or just the latest beer I've tried

My Hobbies


When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and wife. Hiking around the lower main land with friends, family or just my dog with a reward brew at the top!

I also enjoy visiting new local breweries, new food venue and really anything new and exciting.

The Important Things


I love my family and friends most of all. Nothing comes before that! I love the fall as well, for the colours, its the best time to barbecue, not to hot or too cold. Its the perfect time for patio beers or to gather around a nice fire and talk to the early hours. Camping is also important, bonding with my kid and teaching them all i have to offer about the outdoors. Nothing beats Good friends, food and brews. Cheers